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The AnaEE France (Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems - France) Research Infrastructure brought together in an integrated network a unique collection of experimental platforms, analytical platforms and information systems and modeling platforms, all devoted to the study of continental ecosystems and their biodiversity. The infrastructure is built around three main service offerings that provide access to a range of experimental facilities: the Écotrons Very Large Research Infrastructure, four experimental platforms in semi-natural environments, and some 20 natural sites in metropolitan France and French Guiana where long-term experiments are conducted in forests, pastures, lakes and crops. In the field of environmental microbiology, AnaEE France is also investing in the shared instruments and analytical resources required for a detailed characterization of the environment and microorganisms. The infrastructure also includes an Internet platform used to manage access to these facilities, share databases and house modeling tools. These digital tools offer services that can be used to simulate scenarios and are an effective means of transferring scientific results to the socio-economic sector.

Website: http://www.anaee-france.fr/en/

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