Plenary Speaker

Giovanni Bidoglio, Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Italy

Giovanni Bidoglio

Giovanni Bidoglio is currently leading the Water Resources Unit at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission where he provides science-based support to the implementation of EU Directives and international initiatives related to water resources and contributes to the integration of water resource-efficiency considerations into sectoral EU policy areas (agriculture, industry, energy, trade, environment, development cooperation). His research interests include the sustainable management of water resources, mapping of ecosystem services provided by freshwater, coastal and marine ecosystems, modelling of bio-geochemical fate and hydrological processes of pollutants, environmental risk assessment, environmental monitoring and innovation in water. His previous work included research on soil protection and greenhouse gas emissions from natural ecosystems, and assessments of impacts of agri-environmental and rural development measures. He is member of various advisory boards and has published widely in the scientific press.

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